Who doesn’t have stress? Honestly? There’s always something that gnaws at the back of the mind, that the merest thought of brings a quickening of the pulse and a pounding in the head. Stress.

Normally I’m a serene person, like a Zen master. Life generally doesn’t bother me, because what happens happens and you either deal with it and move on or you don’t.

It’s been a rough few days on that front.

Car problems. An extended business trip. Morale problems at work. Public tauntings. A Doctor Who short story due in two weeks I haven’t even plotted yet.

Has my vacation started yet? Can I even afford vacation now?


It’s only Tuesday. If I can make it through today and tomorrow, the clouds of stress will part and the sun will shine. Life has its ways of working out. I need to believe that. I need the optimism.


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