Sunday Morning

The forecasted winter storm came and brought nothing but rain. Good news for the grocery stores–even the rumor of snow clears out their stocks–but bad news for other sectors of the retail community. Last night, at eight-thirty, the mall down the street was a ghost town and I might have been one of a dozen customers there an hour before close. I imagine today Raleigh will still be hunkered down.

On another front, Short Story 1 saw another five hundred words written last night–one of the characters has been entirely dismissive of all efforts to find his voice–which puts it at 2700 words. Looking at the outline and the story’s current position another thousand should finish off the draft.

I dug Absolution by Murder out the other day. It was in the closet, not the attic. I read some in bed last night, putting me past the hundred page mark. I had put some Mozart in the stereo for background noise and eventually nodded off, book in hand.

Shave, shower, and work–off to another day!

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