Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

I have no idea what Jean-Luc Picard ever saw in Earl Grey tea.

I was shopping World Market yesterday, a store that carries food and furniture from around the world, and in their tea department they had a sale on Earl Grey tea. Out of curiosity I picked up a box and brought it home.

It has a nice smell.

That first sip, though, leaves something to be desired. I want to say it stings. It darts.

It opens the sinuses.

You won’t catch me walking up to my microwave and saying, “Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” with a bad Patrick Stewart voice impression.

Ask me again once I’ve finished off this box of teabags. Or maybe I’ll give them away free to a good home. Like puppies.

3 thoughts on “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

  1. What?!! It’s a good, fairly strong tea if you add enough sugar. Not enough and it can be a bit bitter. Also you can’t steep the bag too long or it -will- curl your hair. As Ben Franklin said, "Everything in moderation."

  2. Earl Grey tea must be drunk with some milk and sugar. In the cup it should look a milky brown. Drinking it like green tea is not a pleasant experience.


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