The All-"Here Comes the Sun" Radio Station

Imagine for a moment that you get in the car and turn the key to hear the sounds of the Beatles streaming from the speakers. Imagine further still that you hear “Here Comes the Sun,” that magnificent song from the Abbey Road album. Sheer bliss.

Imagine hearing “Here Comes the Sun” on a continuous loop.

For some unknown reason, a local Philadelphia radio station has been doing exactly that, for at least six hours. Alice 104.5, which was once my preferred radio station (until they started mucking about with their format, the bastards), has spent the day playing “Here Comes the Sun,” fading it in as the song fades out. Hop in the car, it’s on. Get out of the car, it’s still on. What should have been sheer bliss has turned into sheer listening hell. I love the Beatles, but six hours of one song is simply too much.

Note to the audience: I did not actually listen to all six-plus hours of “Here Comes the Sun”–I value my sanity too much to do that. What I did do, however, is to check the station at periodic intervals, and sure enough, it’s still playing. And I would then listen to two play throughs, enough to be sure that Alice is, for whatever reason, stuck on the song.

It was bad enough having “Octopus’ Garden” ruined by psychotic filkers at Shore Leave a few weeks ago. Now this? Pretty soon I’ll never be able to listen to Abbey Road again. The bastards.

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