The Daily Grind

When I made the schedule for this week, Sunday was one of my two days off for the week, Thursday being the other. So, I spent four and a half hours Sunday morning at one store’s inventory, and six hours Sunday evening and night at another’s. I worked a full day, basically, and sometime Sunday night I felt like I hit the wall. Even after sleeping in until ten-thirty, even after drinking a pot of coffee I didn’t really feel like myself.

At other times, I might have counted yesterday as a day worked. The payroll constraints being what they are, though, I can’t take another day off during the week and have the store staffed and covered properly and still come in at or under the payroll budget. The budget still reigns supreme.

My supervisor asked me to perform some audits for him this week. I’m trying to figure out when I can squeeze them in. Tomorrow morning, possibly, but Wednesday’s out, and I really need to spend time around the house on Thursday. At the very least I’ll need a nap on Thursday. The one problem with tomorrow is that I’d rather not drive, audit, drive, audit, drive, audit, and then work my scheduled eight-hour shift, because Wednesday I’m down for a twelve-hour shift. Everyone needs some time away from the daily grind.

Oh, and I need to revise the moneyball spreadsheets ASAP. Preferably by yesterday. Deep breath, now, deep breath.

Why do I do this to myself? When don’t I work? That’s the question. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have much of a life outside of work, but I’d have to give up work to find a life, I think.

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