The Evil Eye

A woman gave me the “evil eye” at work today.

I didn’t experience it personally. I didn’t see it. My assistant manager, however, did.

My sister came by the store in the afternoon. She took a look through our used DVD selection which fills a single dump bin at the store. A few weeks ago, though, the used DVD selection filled the dump bin and a six-foot gondola. What happened to the rest of the DVDs?

The week I went to Baltimore the company asked for a transfer. Five hundred DVDs were sent back to the company’s distribution center. The store kept about a hundred. At a guess, I’d say the company did a “sideways sale”–selling the merchandise to another company for resale. Suffice to say, the transfer of DVDs cleaned out the selection tremendously.

My sister commented on the paucity of the DVD selection. The company asked for the DVDs back, I said. “We received a list–send back these DVDs. I threw in Passion of the Christ for good measure; I didn’t need four copies of that in my store.”

I must have said it with some disdain because the woman standing behind my sister at the register area gave me an “evil eye” for not according Mel Gibson’s three-hour snuff film, to borrow Stan Marsh’s phrase, its proper due.

Oh, well.

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