For the Fourth of July, I drove down to Baltimore to visit the cemeteries and leave flags.

The Boswell Monument
My great-great-grandmother’s burial site. Flag added by me.
Storm Drain Repair
The storm drain in the Whatcoat area has been dug up to be rebuilt.
The Hardys
Henry Hardy and his wife Ruth. In the background, their sons Thomas (left) and John. Flag added by me.
The Star-Spangled Banner
The 15-star/15-stripe flag at the old entrance to Loudon Park Cemetery. The grave of Mary Pickersgill, the seamstress who created the Fort McHenry flag, is nearby.
Confederate Hill
Confederate Hill at Loudon Park Cemetery. The red sign that read “Confederate Hill,” which would have been atop the post at right, has been removed. While not obvious from the wide shot, some of the graves were decorated with the Stainless Banner in commemoration of Confederate Memorial Day.
Valentine Monument
A monument featuring an angel writing in (presumably) The Book of Life.
An angel showing headlights
A statue of an angel.

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