The Psi Phi Project: Re(7545): Questions about next movie novelization

I imagine Simon didn’t notice that the defense of Diane Carey came from “fed up in Seattle,” and we know that Dave Galanter lives near Ms. Carey in Michigan.

(Of course, now I’m trying to think of who here lives in Seattle; must be a newbie or a lurker.)

That said, I stand behind everything I said on the subject of Diane Carey and novelizations. Ms. Carey usually writes three Trek novels a year, and of those three one is very good, one is mediocre, and one makes me want to run for the hills screaming just so I can get away from its vileness.

Remarkably, though, it hasn’t been her novelizations that have provoked that response in me. Ship of the Line might be one of the worst pieces of garbage Pocket has published since the days of yore when Marshak and Culbreath were regular fixtures of the Pocket schedule.

However, I did enjoy Fire Ship immensely, so what does that say?

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