The Psi Phi Project: Vulcan's Fury, give me a novel!

Vulcan’s Fury, the lost computer game from Interplay, deserves to exist in some form. Ever since I heard of it, I wanted to experience this story in some fashion. The story of the Sundering of the Vulcan people, that’s gripping stuff. And that it was written by none other than D.C. Fontana, that was another coolness factor.

The game is gone, never to return. Technologies change, adventure games have gone out of style.

But books are timeless. The story might have a solid core. D.C. Fontana I’ve heard believes it’s a strong story, strong enough to support a novel. I would welcome a novel based on Secret of Vulcan’s Fury.

So, Marco, how about it? You’ve put Pocket on the map where computer game novels are made. This one’s up your alley; not only is it Star Trek (and Classic Trek at that), it’s also derived from a computer game.

I want this story. I imagine a lot of others out there do as well.

Do I have to agitate for a letter campaign?

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