The State of Things

I passed out last night about eight. In my clothes. Which my cat bled all over.

I still feel sleepy. Tired. Worn out.

I’ve been fiercely hungry and then can’t eat.

I could use a nap.

I’ve been completely random. I’ve veered from one emotional extreme to the other, all in the span of a single conversation. I refuse to be reduced to a gibbering mass.

Well, off to another day!

One thought on “The State of Things

  1. Allyn,

    I know, as one who worked in the business so long, it’s hard to take time off during the hoiday season, but maybe you need to take a rest. It sounds like you’ve got some kind of virus and if you keep fighting it, you’re going to be handing the store’s entire register as change for a purchase. Take it easy for a few days. Get some rest. Hope all is better today.

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