The Words That Won't Write

An e-mail just won’t write itself.

For an hour I’ve wrestled with the words. Sometimes they sound pretentious. Sometimes they sound condescending.

And it’s not even an important e-mail. It’s just a response on a mailing list. I want to offer my perspective on the subject at hand. Even though I know the point I want to make, it’s finding the right words to convey that point that seems elusive.

I’ve tried a Guinness break. I’ve tried an ice cream break. I’ve tried a cat break.

I admit, I’m preoccupied. One of my employees was distraught today, and I was concerned about that. I’m still concerned, several hours later. I think tomorrow I may counsel some time off through the weekend. Her well-being–the well-being of any of my staff–matters a great deal to me. Some might say I care too much about my staff, but I think it’s basic–I want my staff to be happy. Perhaps work can be a place where the worries of life simply don’t intrude for four or eight hours.

I’ll take another crack at that e-mail.

Now, this looks bloody interesting–audio dramas based upon Space: 1889. I’ve never played the role-playing game, though I remember seeing the books in Wizards of the Coast several times and giving them a once-over.

4 thoughts on “The Words That Won't Write

  1. You’d like Space 1889…its bascily a Victorian Science Fiction rather than a cold vacumn, space is filled with “ether” that diregibles and stuff can go through….more or less Steampunk, before that was a term.

  2. I also can spend a long time replying to stuff like that…especially on some blogs…I’ll wait..measure each word, then decide to forget the whole thing.

    (do you even check for responces on this?)

  3. If I had to guess: no. But you can always just go to the link at the top of his post and make your comments there. šŸ™‚

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