They Say It's Christmas….

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

The weather is too nice. This week Raleigh has seen temperatures in the seventies, except for yesterday which was rainy, foggy, and blue. How can one think of Christmas in conditions like that?

The muzak at the store still isn’t playing Christmas music. How can shoppers be in the Christmas mood when the background noise in the store consists of boy bands and retro-80s hits? I’ve taken to bringing my own Christmas music to the store to listen in the mornings before we open.

At least I have the store schedule made out for the next two weeks. Fingers crossed, fates willing, and creek don’t rise I’ll have a day off next week, my first since Thanksgiving which doesn’t feel all that long ago.

I need to do up my Christmas cards. I’ve bought them, I just need to write them. And I have a few odds-and-ends to wrap. Pencil those in for next Thursday.

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