Unfinished Tales

In the process of moving I came across several files folders of old manuscripts, some handwritten, some typed, all of them fragments of stories I wrote many years ago. This is the first in an occasional series presenting some of these story fragments.

The Adventure of the French Albino is the sequel to another story, The Adventure of the Anonymous Agent. I wrote the first story over New Year’s weekend 1994-5 and vented much of my frustrations with Star Trek: Generations and attempted a rather bizarre fix of one of the film’s more glaring plotholes — shouldn’t there be two Picards atop the mountain on Veridian III when Kirk and Picard leave the Nexus? The sequel story would have been written in the spring of ’95. What exists makes for a nice scene and captures much of the Sherlock Holmes flavor, though I can’t recall that I ever had a clear direction for where the story should go beyond the endpoint.

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