Warped, One More Time

A series of brutal, motiveless murders aboard station Deep Space Nine leads to Odo’s investigation of a new batch of holosuite technology that appears to have the ability to reshape the user’s perception of reality.

I won’t really defend Warped, because oftentimes when I do I feel like I spend my time trying to explain what the reader was supposed to find in the book. It’s a phildickian mindfuck. Familiarity with The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and VALIS and even Martian Time-Slip helps with the understanding of the mindset Jeter tried to evoke. I think I got the book, but I understand why many didn’t. It’s an interesting book, but for a good number of people the story it tells just isn’t good Star Trek.

‘Course, I watched the Hellboy director’s cut yesterday afternoon, and what I wouldn’t give for Kirk or Picard to confront Lovecraft’s Elder Gods. That wouldn’t be good Star Trek, either, for a lot of fans, but then, I’m weird like that. 🙂

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