My final three entries for this year’s Strange New Worlds contest went in the mail this morning. All of this year’s entries reflect a certain ethos, the “are you out of your frelling mind?!?” viewpoint. Why not? Life’s too short not to mess with other people’s sanity.

And now, the important stuff.

Doctor Who is returning.

No, not the Richard E. Grant online animated special for BBCi, coming this November.

It’s coming back. To television.

But not until 2005.

From the BBCi news article:

Lorraine Heggessey, Controller of BBC One, has confirmed that all rights issues regarding Doctor Who have been resolved and has green-lit scripts from writer Russell T Davies.

The statement notes that it is far too early in the day to discuss possible storylines, characters, villains or who might play the Doctor. It also states that it is unlikely anything will be on screen for at least two years.

As the BBCi notes, it’s too early to state anything definitive about the new Who, but there is one thing we can say.

Who is coming back. And it’s long overdue.

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