Why I Worry For The Future

You know what’s frightening about the current Presidential election cycle? The level of willful ignornace shown by large segments of the American populace. I’ve seen several articles on the phenomenon, and Dave Pell, writer of Electablog, has the latest article on the subject. Pell writes: “A significant number of Americans are bewildered when they see the President running on his record as commander in chief. One would think that the debacle that is the Iraq war (and nearly every associated decision) would make Team Bush want to focus on anything but W’s wartime presidency. Well, here’s a disturbing (but not totally surprising) factor. A lot of people (and I mean a whole lot) don’t even know the most basic details about the Iraq war. And I mean basic; like whether or not we ever found those darn WMDs.” He then cites statistics–72 percent of Bush voters believe weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, 75 percent of Bush supporters believe that Iraq was tied to al-Qaeda. Give Pell a read. His conclusions may offer little reassurance, but he nails one of the central problems of the current electoral divide.

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