Writing Day

I scheduled myself for the day off and planned on spending the day writing the proposal for an SCE story for Pocket, pulling together the notes and notecards and making some sense of them.

It didn’t happen.

A work situation loomed. The regional was in the area, and could I come by the store 2-ish? I showered hastily, grabbed my notebook, and went into work.

But nothing came of the visit. And with hours to fritter away, I grabbed a legal pad, pulled a story outline out, and started scribbling text.

Seven-hundred fifty words.

The text has the right feel–a shaggy dog feel, the sort of story told in a bar to an incredulous audience. The bit of the story I have down, though, I don’t see surviving to the final draft. It’s too far off-tangent from where the story will ultimately go. It makes for interesting backstory, though.

And I think I have the narrator’s voice right. I “hear” Jeremy Brett behind the words.

Let’s see if I can get this done in a week.

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