The text of an email I sent this afternoon to Senator Pat Toomey, one of my Senators:

I wrote to you a few days ago about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, raising concerns I had about the accusations leveled against the judge by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. You wrote in reply at that time, “The test is not whether we agree with every decision a judicial nominee has rendered, but whether that nominee understands the proper role of a judge and has the character, intellect, and experience to merit confirmation.”

I have followed, as many Americans have no doubt, the hearings today, first with Dr. Blasey Ford, then with Judge Kavanaugh. I believe that Judge Kavanaugh’s performance this afternoon shows him to fail the first part of your three-part test for confirmation, that of character. Judge Kavanaugh has been angry and hostile to the Senate Judiciary Committee, demonstrating that he lacks the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge. Further, Judge Kavanaugh claims to be a victim of a partisan conspiracy, blaming President and Secretary Clinton and members of the Democratic Party for delaying his confirmation, raising the question of whether he can truly be impartial on the bench.

I have no doubt that Judge Kavanaugh has the intellect to be a judge. His experience, in my opinion, is questionable. But he lacks the character to be a Supreme Court judge, and he demonstrated that to every American today with his angry and embittered performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Judge Kavanaugh fails your three-part test for confirmation. If the White House does not withdraw the nomination, if Majority Leader McConnell brings Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor, by your own stated standards you cannot confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

I ask that you vote no on Judge Kavanaugh.

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