Minty, Milky Goodness

So, I was at the grocery store the other day. I needed a corned beef brisket, since St. Patrick’s Day was at hand. I waited too long and felt lucky to get the penultimate brisket at Weis Market. I also needed coffee creamer, so a trip to the daily aisle was called for. And thereContinue reading “Minty, Milky Goodness”

Where No Bounty Hunter Has Gone Before

I saw this on Facebook this afternoon. Star Trek. Boba Fett. Star Trek: Boba Fett. Let’s interrogate this. A typo, obviously. But! Imagine for a moment. Boba Fett, the galaxy far, far away’s greatest bounty hunter, tossed through time and space into the 24th-century where he has to do what he does best to survive,Continue reading “Where No Bounty Hunter Has Gone Before”

The Daily Cloud: September 6

Not a lot of cloud action today. I wondered if there were any point. I drove down to Loudon Park this afternoon, partly to see whether the exploded trees had been cleaned up in the last six weeks, mainly to see if the cemetery were flooded or not after the remnants of Hurricane Ida passedContinue reading “The Daily Cloud: September 6”

The Daily Cloud: September 5

It’s just as well I didn’t go to the York Revolution’s Spaceballs night, as it rained most of the day. As I write this, it’s drizzling now. During a break in the rain — or what I thought was a break in the rain — I drove over to York’s Mt. Rose Cemetery to walkContinue reading “The Daily Cloud: September 5”