Remaking Harry Potter

Warner Bros. has announced a Harry Potter television series. Why make a Harry Potter television series? Why re-adapt the books? Besides WB wanting to make money with the IP, of course. I doubt I’ll watch it — I don’t have the former HBO Max, and don’t plan on having it in the future — butContinue reading “Remaking Harry Potter”

The New Peanuts Movie Trailer

This week the new trailer for November’s Peanuts trailer was released: In November, I wrote about the first trailer, and in the days since the new trailer was released I’ve left a few comments here and there. Why don’t I share my thoughts on the new trailer here? My read on the trailer is thatContinue reading “The New Peanuts Movie Trailer”

Thoughts on The Hobbit Films

Last week, the third of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films came out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Wednesday night, I rewatched the film after seeing it in the theater after Christmas, and I think this Tweet summed up my reaction to the film: Three months later, the third Hobbit film is still tedious. It hasn't improved withContinue reading “Thoughts on The Hobbit Films”

Outgrowing Dead Poets Society

I suspect that I’ve outgrown Dead Poets Society. I watched it Monday night. The occasion was, sadly, Robin Williams’ death at the too-young age of sixty-three. My selection of Williams’ films at hand is small (The Fisher King may be the only other one I own on DVD), and I’m fonder of Dead Poets, soContinue reading “Outgrowing Dead Poets Society”

The Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter

When I was in college, I did a “binge read” of Philip K. Dick. A “binge read” involved taking an author and, for a semester, reading as much of his work as I could get my hands on. One semester I did a binge read of Larry Niven. The next semester was Orson Scott Card.Continue reading “The Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter”