January WordPress Codery

During January, WordPress is running a Bloganuary theme. The idea is that, to get people blogging again, WordPress will send out a prompt that people are to write a post about that day, and they’re supposed to use the prompt and the bloganuary tag. I signed up for this, but the first week of JanuaryContinue reading “January WordPress Codery”

Spider-Warp to 2007!

Your eyes are not deceiving you — the website has fallen through a time warp and landed in the year 2007! Over the summer, I went through my directories of archived WordPress stuff. I have hundreds of themes downloaded, the vast majority of which I never, ever used. Sometimes there was something unique about themContinue reading “Spider-Warp to 2007!”

Fade In… Gutenberg Blocks and Styles

Fade In Int. Allyn’s Bedroom. Night Allyn is laying in bed, his head resting on a stack of pillows, hands not just behind his head but beneath one of the pillows as well. The lights are out, though his bedroom is partially illuminated by a street lamp somewhere beyond the window. His eyes are closed.Continue reading “Fade In… Gutenberg Blocks and Styles”

The New World of WordPress 5.0

On Thursday, the new version of WordPress — version 5.0 — dropped. I’ve been using WordPress since 2004 and version 1.2.  5.0 is the biggest change in years.  I’ve been through the introduction of themes, sidebar widgets, post formats (an idea to compete with Tumblr that never amounted to anything).  5.0’s change is an entirelyContinue reading “The New World of WordPress 5.0”

Getting Closer

Friday night, following a week of deadlines and deadlines and more deadlines, I spent some time working on my website’s code. Two weeks ago, I wrote that I’d been fighting with the blog theme’s slider; the parent theme, Shoreditch, had a featured content section, but it didn’t slide. Instead, it paged with some controls. TheContinue reading “Getting Closer”

Thinking About the Blog Theme

Lately, I’ve been feeling the itch to change my WordPress theme. For six months, I’ve been using Anders Noren’s Hitchcock theme (with some modifications on my part). It’s a great theme and I like it, but it’s been six months, and I feel like refreshing things would be a nice touch since it’s spring. LastContinue reading “Thinking About the Blog Theme”