On Doctor Who Fandom

If you, good reader, met me in person, you wouldn’t know I was a Star Trek fan. If you came over to my house, you’d see nothing to indicate my Trek fandom.

I couldn’t hide my love of Doctor Who even if I wanted to. 🙂

I discovered Who in the early ’80s, when the local public broadcasting station showed the Tom Baker serials as two-hour long films. I watched it up through about 1990, 1991, but lost interest about that time.

After Star Trek: Generations and the premiere of Voyager, however, I felt like Star Trek and I were simply out of touch with one another. Deep Space Nine was in its third season and not exciting me, and it seemed like what I liked about Star Trek, that undefinable quality, had been lost. So, on a business trip I needed some reading material, picked up a couple of the New Adventures novels, and that brought me back into the Doctor Who fold.

When it comes to Star Trek, I buy only the novels and the videos of the films. Until I bought Nemesis last week, I had only the Collector’s Editions of the first four films. Doctor Who, however, dominates my office. There’s a CD rack with every Big Finish and BBC audio. Another CD rack of fan-produced audios. The video racks with about seventy percent of the show’s run. The bookshelf.

And my keychain bears the sigil of Rassilon.

So, yeah, I’m a Doctor Who fan. 🙂

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