On Rumored Doctor Who Casting

If you choose to believe The Sun — which, like a stopped clock, is right only twice a day — there’s an exciting bit of Doctor Who casting coming up in the next season.

Peter Davison. The fifth Doctor himself. For a multi-Doctor story.

For Children in Need 2008.

Which makes some sense. CiN airs in November, and November is Who‘s forty-fifth anniversary.

Supposedly written by Stephen Moffat himself. 😎

The rumor seems to have originated from Sylvester McCoy, who said he heard it from Peter Jackson. Which of course begs the question — why would Peter Jackson know?

So I’m not actually optimistic about this rumor. Oh, I’d love for it to be true. Davison was quite good as the Doctor. I’d love a multi-Doctor story. But I’m not holding to hope.

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