On Packing

I'm enjoying a cup of mint tea, though it occurs to me that I really should have fixed a pot of coffee instead — I feel a caffeine migraine demanding attention.

I slept in this morning. Well, it passed for sleeping in. I rolled out of bed at quarter to ten. That's late for me.

I've just finished packing my Star Trek novels. I'll not say how many boxes the task took. More than I'd care to admit. I set aside two because I didn't want to lose them or leave them in storage (the plan for the others) — Summon the Thunder (which I stopped when I picked up Burning Dreams and Burning Dreams itself — only I've now no idea what I've done with them. They'll turn up.

My last day at EB Games was uneventful. I made it through the day without getting emotional, save for one moment around three o'clock where I, for no discernable reason, had a minor crying fit. Business was horrible yesterday, though, and due entirely to the E. coli outbreak in Cary's water supply. The shopping center is half restaurants, and they've been shuttered since Friday, and without open restaurants there's little to draw people.

I went out to dinner with my sister and her husband after work. My sister made a radical suggestion — “Why don't you drive out to the Napa Valley and become a grape picker at a winery?” I'm not at all sure where this idea came from except that she and her husband took their honeymoon in Napa doing the wine train.

Afterward I pulled boxes out of the attic until nearly midnight. I've started going through books, and I'm discarding about half of what I have. I've bought junk over the years. Star Wars books, buh-bye. Books by Kevin J. Anderson, buh-bye. That textbook I stubbed my toe on, buh-bye.

Unfortunately, I had to toss my Deep Space Nine Companion. I don't know who did it, I don't know why, I don't know when, but one of the cats, at some point, decided he needed to mark it as his territory, and the damn thing had swelled to twice its normal size and reeked of cat pee. (Curiously, I didn't have this with my other Trek over-sized trades. Even now, I'm not certain why.)

Well, back to packing! I've set myself a deadline of being done tomorrow and out, which is my way of saying I'll be done by Thursday.

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