On the Month-End Round-Up

Things I’ve discovered.

I have a lot of readers in Indiana. This surprises me, as I’ve only ever driven through Indiana, yet I have more regular readers in Indiana than I do in, say, Utah.

Other popular tourist destinations for allyngibson.net are Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Norway.

Also, China and Saudi Arabia.

No, this isn’t comprehensive by any means. I have a lot of readers in the UK, and several down in the antipodes. But those I expect. Norway, though? No one expects Norway! (No insult meant to my Norwegian readers. I’m just surprised, that’s all.)

The top search phrase for the month? “Is Captain Jack the Face of Boe?” Personally, I don’t think so. I think my theory is a lot more interesting, but mileages may vary.

Next down the list. “Abducted by the Daleks.” That’s the Dalek porn. It’s not worth seeing, people. As a technical achievement, the Daleks were actually well-realized (except for the one that’s a little chubby). That’s the only positive thing I can say — the Daleks looked good. The story? What story? I wanted a story, dammit!

What else? “Stephen Fry Doctor Who.” Not really much I can add. He was going to write a script. It fell through due to time commitments.

And of course, the old stand-by. “Who was Anakin Skywalker’s father?” As with Jack Harkness above, I really like my theory. I like it better than what Revenge of the Sith tells us. 🙂

And the shocking statistic? Internet Explorer 7.0 is the most used browser to access this website. C’mon, people! There are better browsers out there. Like Opera. 😉

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