On Other Needed LEGOs

Three weeks ago I’d mentioned how some phrases kept turning up in my search logs, phrases related to LEGO Doctor Who.

Strangely, after writing about the need for LEGO Doctor Who products, people stopped “asking.” Go figure.

Howsomever, LEGO searches have remained popular. Just from the last week:

  • LEGO Batman Killer Croc
  • LEGO Frodo
  • Star Wars LEGO Darth Plagus
  • English Patient LEGO
  • Star Wars LEGO People
  • Star Trek LEGO
  • Deep Space Nine LEGO
  • James Bond LEGO
  • Star Trek Enterprise LEGO
  • LEGO USB Hub
  • LEGO Mara
  • Winnie the Pooh LEGO

Which makes for an interesting little snapshot, doesn’t it?

Take out Star Wars. Take out Batman. Take out Pooh, as there are LEGO products based on all three properties. And what are we left with?

Star Trek. The English Patient. James Bond. The Lord of the Rings.

Properties that haven’t been LEGOfied. Properties that LEGO consumers are obviously looking for information about, even if I’ve never directly addressed any of these directly. That’s the splendiforous thing about Google — it doesn’t care where the words are on the page, only that the information is there.

So, let’s run down the four.

LEGO Star Trek. Oh, I’d love for this to happen, but… it won’t happen. At a guess, the LEGO Corporation can’t even bid on that license, in the same way that Dark Horse Comics couldn’t buy the Star Trek comics license when it lay fallow for several years — Dark Horse’s contract with Lucasfilm precluded them from that.


I can so picture LEGO Star Trek sets. I could imagine a LEGO Enterprise-A (still my favorite Trek ship, sorry Matt Jeffries) set, at the same size as the monster Imperial Star Destroyer set.

I can picture a bridge playset. I can picture an Enterprise-D engineering set. I can picture a Guardian of Forever playset. I can picture Harlan Ellison choking on a LEGO block, too, at the damned impudence.

I could absolutely picture a LEGO Star Trek video game.

LEGO Star Trek is something that should be done. But it won’t happen. Bugger.

LEGO English Patient. Umm… why? Okay, I can see making a LEGO plane. I can see making LEGO tanks. But what in the movie is there that can be done in LEGO? And who would buy it? Who would want it? Don’t misunderstand me, I love The English Patient. I find the film tragically romantic and unabashedly weepy. But there’s no hole in my life that LEGO English Patient sets would fill.

LEGO James Bond. It’s an interesting idea, but really? What would one do with it? What kind of sets could you create? Some of Commander Bond’s cars, maybe? Maybe Blofeld’s lair or something? Like The English Patient, I’m not sure that there’s anything that really lends itself to LEGOfication.

LEGO Lord of the Rings. Like LEGO Star Trek, this would be awesome. There’s so much to build.

Playmates held the license for Fellowship of the Ring and produced a few LEGO-like sets in 2001. No, I never bought any of them.

For right now, I think the ship has sailed on LEGO Lord of the Rings. However, when The Hobbit is made, then might be the time for LEGO to look into licensing The Hobbit for LEGOfication, and then release Lord of the Rings sets alongside assuming they can wrangle that license.

LEGO English Patient and LEGO James Bond. Not needed.

LEGO Star Trek, needed but won’t happen.

LEGO The Hobbit and, by extension, LEGO Lord of the Rings, needed and hopefully doable.

And of course, someone asked about a LEGO Mara Jade, but I mentioned the need for that when talking LEGO Indiana Jones a few months ago. 😉

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  1. There was at least one Mega Blocks Enterprise from a few years back… (I saved the advertisement) I think it was supposed to be the E, but fuck if I should be able to tell from this picture…


    P.S. That notify by e-mail button is nifty! It’s ironic that I actually start coming to allyngibson.net now that I’ve unfriended the feed on LJ…

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