On Doctor Who: “Time-Crash”

Last night, on the BBC’s Children in Need special, Doctor Who fans were treated to something fun — a two Doctors story, starring David Tennant and Peter Davison.

It hardly seems worthy of review; it’s eight minutes long and takes place entirely within the confines of the TARDIS control room. Yet, two TARDISes have merged in flight, a hole in the space-time continuum the exact size of Belgium is about to be ripped, and it’s going to take two Doctors to save the universe. Well, Belgium, anyway.

The fifth Doctor gets a really good breathless shouty rant:

This is something very, very wrong with my TARDIS and I’ve got to do something about it very, very quickly. And it would help, it really would help if there wasn’t some skinny idiot ranting in my face about everything that happens to be in front of him!

And he gets to spout technobabble. And the underscore sounds very 80s Who.

The tenth Doctor gets to play the idiot tourist thing that he does so well. And then he gets an absolutely wonderful speech that’s probably more David Tennant and Steven Moffatt speaking through the Doctor to Peter Davison than it is the Doctor speaking to himself.

There are things to nitpick, but it would be unfair.

Yes, it’s slight, but it’s fun and it’s charming and it’s affectionate, and yes, Peter Davison is still the Doctor. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “On Doctor Who: “Time-Crash”

  1. what? i missed it! bugger all…maybe some nice person will have it up on youtube

    and to add insult to injury, last nights doctor episodes were repeats – can’t seem to win this weekend!

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