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I hate the morning commute sometimes.

Going to work, I take the inner Beltway. And sometimes, the inner Beltway from 795 to 83 isn’t terrible. Sometimes it’s quite snappy. Today? It was bumper-to-bumper, slow as molasses. I go back to work, and the commute sucks.

Of course, putting forty dollars in the gas tank before work this morning contributed to the morning malaise. I don’t even have a big gas tank. Forty dollars? Feck.

I discovered a new Doctor Who news website today — TARDIS Newsroom.

I was listening to the Rolling Stones at work today. And it seems to me that Their Satanic Majesties Request is an unrated album, because it’s so atypical of the Rolling Stones sound. Which is why I like that album, but don’t really like the Rolling Stones. The Stones were trying to capture the same vibe that the Beatles achieved in 1966 and 1967 (Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour), or that the Zombies displayed on Odessey and Oracle. “She’s a Rainbow” is the song I would point to and say, “That doesn’t sound like a Rolling Stones song,” yet I just really like that song.

Dry coughs suck.

I hadn’t shaved in a week. And I was so glad when I shaved off the scraggliness. See, I don’t shave every day because I don’t grow enough to shave every day; I’d do more damage to my face than I’d gain in benefit of trying to scrape the face clean. So, I shave Mondays and Thursdays, though I could probably change it to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I didn’t watch the Oscars. I’m disappointed Cate Blanchett didn’t win for I’m Not There; Blanchett as Bob Dylan was just screaming Oscar bait. (I haven’t seen the film, though.) At the same time, I wasn’t impressed by her performance in Elizabeth: The Golden Age; a fuller review is forthcoming, but in short I found the film rather pretentious and strangely uninvolving.

I’m not sure what I think about Torchwood‘s “Dead Man Walking” yet. I still need to ponder this. And possibly watch it again.

There’s an anime called Beck that has nothing to do with the singer. This confuses me, as the anime Beck involves a rock band. I think Beck should sue Beck for creating confusion in the marketplace. What if Beck wanted to put out an autobiographical manga or anime? This Beck thing would be an impediment.

I hope Howard Shore composes the musical scores for the Hobbit films. Though I will admit to really enjoying the soundtrack for Vivendi’s Hobbit video game.

So EA wants to buy Take-Two. Yippee. Now Take-Two’s great franchises — like Grand Theft Auto and Civilization — can be turned into cheap, annual products like EA’s other franchises. Let’s be honest — EA’s sports franchises are expensive shovelware. Command & Conquer, a once venerable franchise, was mismanged by EA into near-oblivion. I shudder to think of GTA and Civ forced to tred the same route due to EA interference.

I’m still sick, but I don’t feel terrible like I have. I did not, however, sleep more than about two hours last night.

I’m thinking ahead to possibly attending a convention or two later in the year, past Shore Leave. Nothing definitive. Just musing.

“Murine” is a word that’s not often used these days. Perhaps because it’s difficult to fit into conversation.

I’m glad that TrekBBS finally moved to new software, but the new software seems… slower.

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