On a Week-End Round-Up

Another week beginning, another week done to recap. 🙂

Last Sunday, I discovered that former British PM Harold Saxon has declared his candidacy to be President of the United States. My reaction? How does this even work? Not only is Saxon an alien from another planet, but his wife shot and killed him, and his arch-enemy the Doctor immolated Saxon’s body. To say nothing of Saxon not meeting the Constitutional requirement of being a native-born citizen of the United States. Perhaps the Archangel Network is involved. But! There is some fab campaign gear, though I don’t know that I would personally buy any of it.

Monday! I returned to work, after having been out several days with the flu, and I mused on various and sundry random things. I hadn’t written one of these grab-bag random posts in a while. And in all truth, there’s nothing really profound there.

On Tuesday, I reviewed my search logs for the website, and discovered that someone wanted information on a “George Bush LEGO minifig.” I can think of virtually nothing in this world that I would want less than a George Bush LEGO minifig. I stand by my conclusion: “In a world that’s crying out for LEGO Doctor Who, I think world leaders — like a minifig of George Bush — is pretty low on the priority scale.”

My truly exciting discovery on Tuesday was the LOLcat Bible Translation Project. The Bible, translated into cat pidgin. It’s amazing, Bacon Cheeseburgers were expressly allowed by the dietary laws in Leviticus — “Pigz r not for cheezeburgerz, unless they r teh BACON Cheezeburgerz lol.” It’s right there. Chapter 11, verse 7.

I started off Wednesday with a “six random facts” meme. James Bow had tagged me with this, and I discovered a little later that I had done this about eighteen months earlier. Interestingly enough, I chose the same factoid for number one both times.

James posted another meme on books. I have not done that one as yet. Perhaps later this week.

Thursday I came across something that appealed to my Tolkien-scholar self — a calendar based on Lord of the Rings: The White Council was planned. The calendar never came out, as the video game on which the calendar would have been based never came out, either. A similar calendar — Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II: Rise of the Witch King (and isn’t that a freakin’ long title?) — came out in its place, and that’s the calendar that I have hanging at the office.

Friday I mused on a conversation I had had with my grandmother the night before. These conversations can sometimes be quite frustrating. “It is a terrible thing to lose one’s mind,” said Dan Quayle. That malapropism made him the butt of jokes for a week or two, but there’s actually wisdom in those words.

I also read on Friday that a monstrous collision in the early days of the solar system may be responsible for the oddities of the planet, Venus, from its super-heated atmosphere to its bizarre rotation. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of terraforming Venus. Maybe we should start dumping algae into its upper atmosphere.

On Saturday I made a few alterations to the template files for my blog. One issue I’ve had with the Hemingway theme is that it lacked a navigation bar in the header, so I cobbled one together. I had to fiddle with the CSS to get it to layout the way I wanted it, and now I’m happy.

I also discovered that the actress Zooey Deschanel has a CD coming out in two weeks. She & Him: Volume One.

This reminds me of a dream. It happened sometime in the final months that I worked for EB Games. I dreamt that Zooey’s sister, Emily Deschanel (and star of Bones), applied for a job at my EB Games store. In my dream I read her application and all the personal details that go into that application — the EB Games application was an eight-page booklet — and I called her in for an interview. The dream was so vivid that I spent days going through the pile of applications at the store, looking for her application. I knew it was a dream, but it was so real. No, it never made any sense why an actress with a hit series on FOX would want to apply for a job at my store, but who am I to question these things?

Enough about the Deschanel sisters.

What I railed about on Saturday was Tudor costume dramas — specifically, The Tudors and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. When I was laid up with the flu, I watched DVDs. Both had been blind buys, though The Tudors was more of a blind buy than Elizabeth: The Golden Age, as I had seen — and own on DVD — the first Elizabeth. I enjoyed The Tudors, though it bears little relation to any sixteenth century history of which I am familiar. I wanted to enjoy Elizabeth: The Golden Age, but the film never clicked with me.

And that rounds up my week. 🙂

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