On the Two-Week Round-Up

I think a biweekly recap makes more sense than a weekly recap. At least, until I change my mind again. 😆

Let’s step back two weeks, to the day before St. Patrick’s Day. There, I mused on The Return of the King, which I watched the night previous. Specifically, I talked about the original ending of the film, in which Aragorn battled Sauron at the Towers of the Teeth. As I said at the time, I understand why the change was made, but that ending is what the film were building toward.

Monday was St. Patrick’s Day. And I wrote about events over the weekend — my grandmother believed that the neighbors were stealing her bricks. :/

Just to show that a good delusion doesn’t go to waste, yesterday my grandmother went on — again — about the neighbors stealing her bricks. At least this time she didn’t complain about how the neighbors had a fire pit going in the bricks. When she was fixated on that two weeks ago, I told her to go outside and tell her neighbors not to do it. Knowing full well, of course, that there were no neighbors there for her to yell at.

Tuesday I had a spreadsheet of 4,000 lines to work through. I had worked through 2,500 titles on Monday, and I was certain I’d be able to finish it on Tuesday. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men… In reality, it wasn’t until that Friday that I had the time to even look at it again. Middle of last week the spreadsheet was reformated in Word and printed out. 144 pages. Damn, do we kill trees.

Tuesday also saw the news that Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001, and Anthony Minghella, director of The English Patient, had passed away.

Wednesday, March 19th, was the fifth anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq. Fuck you, George Bush.

Thursday I reflected on the song choices from American Idol‘s second Beatles Night. The songs I liked, apparently the audience didn’t. And the songs the audience and the judges liked, I thought were not good. I’m not an Idol watcher, so it was all quite alien to me. The realization that it’s basically a karaoke contest did wonders, though.

Also, my Egyptian sign is Satis.

Friday there was only one thing to write about. Tibet.

If you haven’t read what I had to say then, take a look at it now.

Saturday, I wrote my weekly “This is what I did with WordPress” post. Now that I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yesterday, I don’t anticipate anything similar for, oh, at least a month. For the nonce, however — I’m now using the built-in Gravatar functions. (And if you comment here, why not register for your own personalized gravatar? It’s free.) I had to find a new related posts plugin, as Simple Tags doesn’t work with WP 2.5, and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin appears to work quite well, though it does spit out some oddball posts from time to time.

Sunday, I wrote about something I’d long been curious about. Repeats of Doctor Who are common in the United States, but what about in the UK? I realized I didn’t know.

Monday I reflected on how nothing happened over Easter weekend for me, personally. Except that I discovered Space Democrats, a website for space policy wonks. 🙂 Also, I answered a few memes.

Something momentous did happen over Easter weekend, though. The United States’ four thousandth soldier died in Iraq. An artist created a photomosaic of President Bush and Senator John McCain, using photos of the four thousand fallen soldiers. “The mosaic speaks for itself,” I wrote. Nothing more to say about it, really.

Tuesday, it was “Winston Churchill, Astronaut.” Wha? Well, a study in Britain shows that a number of children there believe that Churchill was the first man to walk on the lunar surface.

Tuesday was also Tolkien Reading Day. I hope you all pulled out well-worn copies of The Lord of the Rings and read them. 🙂

Wednesday I wrote about a dream I had — rather than recite the Pledge of Allegiance, I recited a speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. Several days on, it still amuses me.

I learned at work on Thursday that Barnes & Noble is buying Borders, and I had some thoughts on the matter. Some are borne of my experience of going through a merger, and being on the losing end of a merger. But mainly it was a look at the business side of things. Interestingly, someone at B&N corporate read this very post Friday morning. For all I know, that person thinks I’m a nutter.

Friday I talked about my Magical Editing Pen. Everyone should have a Magical Editing Pen. But not mine. Because it’s my Magical Editing Pen. 😉

Finally, Saturday.

First, I discussed warrior nuns in comic books. And finally, Rutlemania, a series of tribute concerts to the Rutles, the band that spoofed the Beatles in All You Need Is Cash.

That, in a nutshell, is what I had on my mind the past two weeks.

Baseball begins this week. And that’s only a good thing. 🙂

Go Cubs!

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