On My “Journey’s End” Theories

I’ve been doing some thinking about how “Journey’s End,” the fourth season finale of Doctor Who, will end. Naturally, this post will contain spoilers.

And, for future reference, I’m going to write them down. 🙂

I should note, of course, that my track record with Doctor Who theories is not good. I thought the rumor that Jack Harkness would be revealed as the Face of Boe was “monumentally stupid,” and proposed my own theory that Jack was, in fact, the Doctor, albeit the Doctor’s human aspect. (Just follow the link, all is explained.) Truthfully, I like my theory better. And there’s no real reason to think that Jack is the Face of Boe. I think it’s either a pun or a coinkeydink. 😉

So, my theories on this season’s finale!

  1. No Eleventh Doctor. While I admire the audacity of the production team for ending “The Stolen Earth” with the tenth Doctor regenerating, there’s enough footage of the 2008 Christmas special showing David Tennant that the regeneration is going to fail. Or get interrupted. Or grow the Doctor’s hand into an alternate tenth Doctor. Something.
  2. Francine Jones has the Master’s ring from “Last of the Time Lords.” I loved seeing Francine in “The Stolen Earth,” but why is she there? Then I realized, she’s the only credible candidate to have the Master’s ring — and the Master’s soul. The Year That Never Was broke Francine, and she looked into the abyss. Francine is the New Master. 🙂
  3. Donna is the Heart of the TARDIS. Rose created her with the Bad Wolf powers in “Parting of the Ways,” only she never realized it, and Donna was put into place to be whatever she needed to be.
  4. As a corrolary, the “most faithful companion” is the TARDIS itself. Either Donna will transform into the TARDIS (shades of Lawrence Miles’ Compassion in Paul Cornell’s The Shadows of Avalon), or Donna will merge with the crystal on Jack’s desk in the Torchwood Hub and become a new TARDIS (shades of that weird V’Ger shit in Star Trek: The Motion Picture).
  5. Rose’s breaking through the walls between the worlds weakened reality enough for Dalek-Caan to free Davros from the timelocked Time War. Essentially, the events of “The Stolen Earth” are Rose’s fault.
  6. The Darkness is unconnected to the Medusa Cascade. The Daleks transported the Earth instantaneously. The stars going out in “Turn Left” was a much slower process. Again, I’d cite Rose’s actions in trying to get back to the Doctor as being a proximate cause of the Darkness.
  7. Donna still has one of the beetles on her back. Which will be the reset button that enables Earth to be put back, and the episode’s body count to be undone.
  8. Reset button. There’s going to be one. Because there’s no fucking way Earth getting moved — and trashed to holy hell — by the Daleks can be hand-waved away. At the very least, “Dalek” becomes incoherent, and future history becomes vastly changed in general. At the very most, human society rebuilding on the wreckage, possibly using scavenged Dalek tech, will be unrecognizable. It’s going to get pressed, the reset button.

I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two important ones.

Oh! Tish. I hope we see Tish Jones. Tish was teh hotness. 🙂

Also. If I were Davros, and I wanted to bring about “the destruction of reality itself,” why the hell do I need Daleks to do it? Why couldn’t I just fucking rant at reality, and hope then reality would up and fucking die? 😆

That’s my thinking, and I’m sticking to it until this coming weekend.

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3 thoughts on “On My “Journey’s End” Theories

  1. At the very least, “Dalek” becomes incoherent, and future history becomes vastly changed in general.

    On the other hand, it’s perfectly reasonable for “Dalek” to have occurred as it did; at that point in the Doctor’s personal timeline the Time War was still timelocked, Davros was still dead, and Caan was still in the Void. The Doctor shouldn’t see the effects on Earth of Caan’s wrath (sorry) until after he caused Caan to flee and free Davros.

  2. “[Francine Jones is] the only credible candidate to have the Master’s ring”
    What? What?! What?!! So Francine (i.e. a black woman) has the hand that picked up the Master’s ring (i.e. a pale honky hand with red nail polish)? “The only credible candidate”: because Lucy Saxon (i.e. a nutjob with a thing for red, who spent most of her time around the Master) couldn’t possibly be a suspect.

  3. Hugh, I don’t see Lucy as any sort of credible candidate.

    The reason?

    She would be imprisoned after gunning down the British PM. There’s no way that she’d get a slap on the wrist and be told, “There you go, be on your way!” If she’s not in prison, surely she would be in a mental institution.

    There’s simply no way that Lucy could have the Master’s ring.

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