On Wild Card Musings

As a Cubs fan :cubs:, I find myself in the awkward position of pulling for — not rooting for — the New York Mets.

I find it awkward for two reasons. One, the pain of 1969, despite being years before I was born, still runs too deep, and thus the Mets choking two years running would be poetic justice. And two, with the Yankees not making the playoffs this year for the first time since the first Clinton administration, I realized that the sports networks would be beside themselves in apoplectic shock if there were no New York team in the playoffs.

Thus, from the very fibre of my being I don’t want to see the Mets advance to the postseason.


From a strategic standpoint, I want the Mets to take the Wild Card and make the playoffs.

Because, if the Mets did, then the Cubs would face the Mets, as the fourth seed, in the first round of the playoffs. And as we’re seeing this week, the Cubs are simply dominant where the New York Mets are concerned.

Let the Phillies deal with Manny and the Dodgers in the first round. Let the Phillies deal with the transcontinental flight.

Go, Cubs, go! :cubs:

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