On April’s Statistics

It’s a dreary day, I have laundry in the washing machine, and I’m in a writing-avoidance mode.

Which is as good an excuse as any to discuss what people were interested in from me for the month of April. 😉

Some jiggery and pokery with Analog accomplished, here’s what we’ve got.

The top search phrases for the month of April were, with the number of times used afterward…

  1. beatles remasters 2009 (287)
  2. beatles remasters (242)
  3. stephen fry doctor who (52)
  4. abducted by the daleks (43)
  5. the beatles remasters (31)
  6. doctor who lego (28)
  7. anakin skywalker’s father (28)
  8. the beatles remasters 2009 (27)
  9. green street hooligans book (24)
  10. watchmen merchandise (24)
  11. coldplay font (23)
  12. last of the melting snow lyrics (22)
  13. lego doctor who (22)
  14. beatles remaster 2009 (21)
  15. beatles 2009 remasters (21)
  16. things that start with the letter y (17)
  17. wordpress blogs (16)
  18. dr who lego (16)
  19. how to make dr who lego dalek (16)
  20. things that happened on my birthday (15)
  21. beatles remastered (15)
  22. new blackadder (14)
  23. john lennon personality (13)
  24. purple chick beatles remasters (12)
  25. frank gasperik (11)
  26. the last of the melting snow lyrics (11)
  27. allyn gibson (10)
  28. doctor who stephen fry (10)

Clearly, people are far more interested in the remastered Beatles albums, coming on September 9th, Abducted by the Daleks (the Doctor Who porn), the lyrics to The Leisure Society’s “The Last of the Melting Snow,” or in LEGO Doctor Who than they are in me. 😆

The font Coldplay uses, by the way, is Albertus MT. There will be a quiz later.

The most used browser by readers of my website in the month of April was Firefox 3.0.8. Twice as many people used Windows XP than used Windows Vista. Seventy-six pages were served to people running Windows 95. Fourteen pages were served to people on Windows 3.1.

The top ten pages for the month:

  1. On the Beatles Remasters and Compilations (1041 hits)
  2. Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation #61: Diplomatic Implausibility (784 hits)
  3. On Working With Opera (463 hits)
  4. On Friday’s Quick Hits (366 hits, and I have no idea why)
  5. On LEGO Doctor Who (277 hits)
  6. On Elbow, Live at Abbey Road (265 hits)
  7. On Anakin Skywalker’s Parentage (214 hits)
  8. Galileo and the Heliocentric Model of the Universe (201 hits, many of them from high schools and universities, no doubt)
  9. On The Leisure Society’s The Sleeper (190 hits)
  10. On the Beatles’ Remastered Albums (178 hits)

My “about me” page, with 160 hits, came in at number 12. I’m just… astounded that a review of an eight year-old novel is that much more interesting to people than I am. 😕

Hmm. I really should rewrite that page. It’s pretty horrible. :tired:

That’s what the month of April looked like for allyngibson.net. No Admiral Kirk action figures were harmed in the creation of this data dump. 😎

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