On May’s Statistics

And now it’s June. And thanks to some jiggery-pokery with server logs and Analog, let’s take a look at what people were reading on allyngibson.net in the month of May.

First up, the top 28 search phrases for the month! (The number in parentheses is the number of times the phrase was used.)

  1. beatles remasters 2009 (110)
  2. beatles remasters (62)
  3. abducted by the daleks (42)
  4. last of the melting snow lyrics (31)
  5. anakin skywalker’s father (28)
  6. allyn gibson (27)
  7. coldplay font (27)
  8. coldplay fonts (25)
  9. stephen fry doctor who (24)
  10. new lego video games (20)
  11. the beatles remasters 2009 (19)
  12. doctor who lego (19)
  13. new blackadder (19)
  14. lego doctor who (19)
  15. green street hooligans book (16)
  16. beatles 2009 remasters (15)
  17. things that happened on my birthday (15)
  18. wordpress blogs (14)
  19. heliocentric model of the solar system (13)
  20. christopher eccleston doctor who (12)
  21. the last of the melting snow lyrics (12)
  22. across the universe sequel (11)
  23. house season finale download (11)
  24. doctor who lego sets (10)
  25. who is anakin skywalker’s father (10)
  26. the beatles remasters (10)
  27. pak protector (10)
  28. lego beatles (10)

Obviously, people are curious about the new Beatles remastered albums, due out on September 9th. And they are also interested in the Dalek porn, Abducted by the Daleks, which is, frankly, pathetic. And they want to know what font Coldplay uses — Albertus MT. You can take that one to the bank.

And look at that! There are people looking for me. This makes me happy. 🙂

Especially because in April, only 10 people punched my name into Google and came to my ‘net doorstep.

One person wanted to know who Zooey Deschanel’s favorite Beatle is. If I knew, I would tell you. I hadn’t wanted to know who her favorite Beatle was, because it never occurred to me to wonder. Now, I’m absolutely gutted that I will probably never know.

Also, I would really like to meet the person who Googled “LEGO Blackadder,” because you are a twisted soul after my own heart. 👿

Other oddballs. Someone wanted to know about “Allyn World of WarCraft.” While I have not played World of WarCraft, I am familiar with the world of Azeroth; I’ve played more WarCraft 2 than I would care to admit, and I’ve read most of Pocket Book’s WarCraft novels. And, two years ago, I pitched a World of WarCraft novel that I thought would have been a metric ton of fun to write, but for reasons having entirely to do with how the process works on that line of novels, it didn’t fly. That said, if I ever buckled down and decided to write epic high fantasy in a world of my own creation, I’d probably start with that pitch.

Another singleton: “incest in orson scott card.” That’s the subtext to the Ender/Valentine relationship in the Ender series. It’s not obvious in Ender’s Game (though there’s a scene in the comics adaptation that I thought was indicative), but some of the events of the trilogy that follows stem from what their relationship is. Card had denied in interviews that it’s there. Maybe he’s right. *shrug*

Firefox 3.0.10 was, again, the top browser for the month, followed by Internet Explorer 6. Windows XP is, by far, the most popular operating system in use by my readers. The least popular operating system was, to my surprise, OS/2. I didn’t know there was anyone out there still using OS/2. I also have several readers that use the iPhone to read this website.

I am curiously popular in Indiana.

Now, the top ten pages for the month of May:

  1. Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation #53: Red Sector (833 hits — I’ll explain later)
  2. On the Beatles Remasters and Compilations (481 hits)
  3. On LEGO Doctor Who (279 hits)
  4. Galileo and the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System (279 hits)
  5. On Anakin Skywalker’s Parentage (268 hits)
  6. On Recommending Star Trek Fiction (236 hits)
  7. On Friday’s Quick Hits (199 hits)
  8. On Leisure Society and the Ivor Novella Award (191 hits)
  9. About (187 hits)
  10. More on The Leisure Society (178 hits)

My personal favorite post of the month, On the I Ching and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” — about George Harrison, the I Ching, and the writing of one of his most famous songs — ranked #23 with 119 hits for the month.

Okay, so why so many hits on a review of a ten year old Star Trek: The Next Generation novel that’s not even fit to be used as toilet paper? For some reason, that’s where the spammers have decided they’ll get the maximum bang for their buck. So, they’re posting nonsense, spammy comments to that review (and last month, it was another Star Trek: The Next Generation novel review that got the spam love).

That wraps up the May data round-up.

Anything else you want to know?

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