On the Thursday View

I wrote a lot of words today.

My brain hamster is really tired. I worked that poor hamster. I made him get up in the spinning wheel. I made him run fast faster fastest. I wouldn’t let the hamster rest. The hamster ran and ran and ran.

The end results I was pleased with.

Some of it was catalog copy, about things like Twilight. Yes, the Stephenie Meyer novel. Some of it was sales articles.

I ended up with a decent word count at the end of the day — a little shy of five thousand words.

I even used the word on today’s Merriam-Webster page-a-day calendar. It just… slipped right in there. Tomorrow’s word, too. 🙂

Ah, the things that amuse me.

And then, I free-associated some php code, which I’ve just gone and implemented.

After writing two weeks ago about WordPress and Twitter and the plug-ins I was using, I decided to give the Twitter Tools plug-in a fair shake.

One of the things I’m having it do, which I freely admit is an idea I’ve stolen from the dozen friends or so who are already doing this, is to let the plug-in take a day’s worth of Tweets and turn them into an archival blog post.

However, I didn’t want them showing up in the blog. I know, I know, sounds crazy. What’s the point of turning them into blog posts, if I don’t want them seen? Well, it’s just what I want, okay? 🙂

So I made a modification to the WordPress loop, to have Twitter archive posts excluded. To do that, I created a new category I called Twitterpation, and all of the tweet archive posts get assigned to that category.

(LiveJournal readers, it’s also set up to exclude there as well.)

Unfortunately, if you’re reading on the RSS feed, I can’t exclude the Tweet posts there. There are some limitations. Yes, I could edit the WordPress core code directly, but that’s also a fool’s errand, because an upgrade will wipe out the change. :-/

So really, I’ve created phantom content. Or something. 😕

That’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday. More writing to do, a freelance article to finish, and the weekend on the doorstep.

Such is life. 🙂

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