On Things Accomplished

I stopped at Big Lots last night. There was no particular reason, I just hadn’t been to Big Lots in a while. Ultimately, I bought a DVD — La Femme Musketeer, which was a made-for-television sequel to The Three Musketeers, centered on the daughter of d’Artagnan. (d’Artagnan is played by Michael York, reprising his role from the Dick Lester trilogy of films, though I don’t think this film was meant as any sort of continuation from Return of the Musketeers.)

Buying a two dollar DVD, of course, was not the major accomplishment of my Saturday.

1) I rewrote my biography for Shore Leave. (If you click the link, chances are you’ll see last year’s version. It’s shite. Don’t click the link.) I also sent along information on Re:Collections, to update the bibliography. And I volunteered for some panels. Done. ETA: And the website has been updated with the new, non-duff version of my bio. Now that old version will curse us no more. 🙂

(Shore Leave, by the way, is from July 10th through 12th in Hunt Valley, Maryland.)

2) I submitted two revisions to a forthcoming article to take into account some recent developments. I thought the first revision was sufficient, and then midday more information smacked me upside the face, which necessitated the second revision. I like the article. It’s surprising, and I’m curious what sort of reception it will receive. Done.

3) I performed spreadsheet surgery. On Friday I was sent some spreadsheets that required clean-up, and with the other things going on at the office and on my plate, I knew I wouldn’t get to them until Monday, and I needed them to be done going into Monday. So it was easier to slap them on the flash drive and clean them up at home. Spreadsheets proper are done, and then I have to submit them for approvals Monday morning when I get to the office. (I could submit them now, but I had to fire off a question to someone regarding one of the spreadsheets that I won’t get an answer to until first thing Monday.)

Today plans involve laundry and “THOD.” Specifically, I want to come back to this, which stands right now as a half-written scene, scrawled notes, and a random paragraph.

On a different note, while I was at Big Lots, one of the workers, stocking the shelves, took note of my t-shirt. It was a bright red Captain Marvel t-shirt. “Shazam,” he said, and I nodded knowingly. 🙂

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