On the June’s Statistics

Another month gone, which means a month’s worth of statistics to delve into. What were the hot topics at allyngibson.net for the month of June?

Let’s look first at search phrases:

  1. beatles remasters 2009 (109)
  2. dr who lego (75)
  3. anakin skywalker’s father (47)
  4. lego dr who (35)
  5. the beatles remasters 2009 (29)
  6. abducted by the daleks (29)
  7. sammy sosa forgets how to speak english (26)
  8. beatles remasters (25)
  9. lego doctor who (22)
  10. green street hooligans book (21)
  11. wordpress blogs (20)
  12. stephen fry doctor who (17)
  13. doctor who lego (16)
  14. coldplay fonts (16)
  15. new lego video games (15)
  16. william poole zombies (14)
  17. purple chick beatles remasters (13)
  18. william poole zombie (12)
  19. the leisure society lyrics (10)
  20. allyn gibson (10)
  21. anakin skywalker father (10)
  22. pak protector (10)

That covers the double-digit search phrases.

Lots of continued interest in the Beatles remasters, coming on September 9th. My speculations on Anakin Skywalker’s parentage remain popular. So, too, does my review of the Dalek pr0n, Abducted by the Daleks.

As for new LEGO video games, there’s a LEGO Harry Potter coming out at the end of the year. I’m glad that people are looking for information on The Leisure Society, a very good band that will do brilliant things, I have no doubt.

Coldplay’s font is Albertus MT.

Pak Protectors are humanity’s ancestors in Larry Niven’s Known Space. See Protector and the Ringworld series.

The interest in Sammy Sosa is due, no doubt, to his positive drug test in 2004.

“The” is the most-used search word used to reach this website, with a massive 591 uses. Followed by “LEGO” at 392, “Who” at 270, “Beatles” at 360, and “Of” at 319.

For purely narcissistic reasons, I see that “Allyn” was used only 33 times in the month of June. That’s only slightly more than once a day! That is depressing.

Firefox is the most-used browser.

Twice as many people use Windows XP than use Windows Vista when they visit my website. There’s someone out there browsing the net using OS/2, and someone else is using Windows 3.1. That brings back memories… 😉

The most read page of the month (other than the front page, that is) was, like last month, my review of the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Red Sector. It is, for some reason, a magnet for spammers; I can’t imagine that there’s a sudden upsurge in interest for a review of a novel that came out ten years ago this month, a novel that must surely number among the worst Star Trek novels ever published. Seriously. It’s that bad. I was deeply offended by it.

That’s June.

Who knows what July will bring?

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