On My Shore Leave 2009 Schedule

The schedule for this weekend’s Shore Leave convention here in Baltimore was released on the con’s website this morning.

What do I have on tap?


  • Meet The Pros — Hunt/Valley Foyer, 10pm to Whenever
    This is where I get to autograph stuff. I will gladly autograph the April issue of Previews, the one with my “What Would William Shatner Do?” article. And lots of other things, too! 🙂

As an attendee, I’ll be at the Pocket Books upfronts from 8:30 to 9:30 in the Hunt Ballroom. This is where Pocket announces their Star Trek publishing plans for the next year to eighteen months.


  • Doctor Who: What Hath Rusty Wrought? — Hunt Valley Ballroom, 10am to 11am.
    Doctor Who, obviously. And doubtless how much I fancy Karen Gillen. Panelists, besides myself, include Kathleen David, Nea Dodson, and Terri Osborne.
  • The Young Gun Writers Ride The Range — Hunt Valley Ballroom, 11am to Noon
    A bunch of up-and-coming writers talk about writing. Think of this as the successor to the annual Strange New Worlds panel. I wish I could remember the phrasing I used when I pitched this. Something about “Keith DeCandido yelling at us to get off the damn lawn.” 🙂 Other panelists include Amy Sisson, John Coffren, Jim Johnson, Kevin Lauderdale, Scott Pearson, and Steve Mollmann.
  • Star Trek XI Smackdown! The Writers Sound Off — Hunt Valley Ballroom, Noon to 1:30
    What do people who have written Star Trek think of the new film? Panelists include Chris Bennett, John S. Drew, Kevin Dilmore, Ann Crispin, Terri Osborne, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Glenn Hauman, Dave Galanter, and Geoff Trowbridge. With an army like that, I don’t imagine I’ll actually find the room to say anything. I’ll be working this week on material anyway.
  • From Comics To Movies, the Trend Continues — Salon A, 4pm to 5pm
    What the title says. Comic books to movies. Panelists include Peter David, Bob Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Glenn Hauman, and Rigel Ailur. I feel like the odd one out here.

I’m shocked that enough people watched Legend of the Seeker for there to be a panel about the show. I won’t be there, I’m just pointing it out.


  • A Year Without the Doctor Scarcely Bears Thinking Of — Salon E, 3pm to 4pm.
    Doctor Who is in its “gap year,” so how are people coping? Other panelists include Steve Mollmann and Terri Osborne.

I’ve asked to be added to the “Writing To Music” panel on Sunday, which could be fun.

That’s what my weekend at Shore Leave looks like.

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2 thoughts on “On My Shore Leave 2009 Schedule

  1. Let me guess: the Star Trek XI Smackdown panel is being run by Gilligan and his crew of the USS Chesapeake?

    1. No, the Star Trek XI Smackdown! is Trek novelists praising or bemoaning the film.

      I think the Chesapeake idiots well-meaning fans are responsible for Sunday morning’s “Dammit Jim, STXI’s a Reboot, not a Re-Imagining” panel. Or Saturday evening’s “Oh Thank Heaven for Star Trek XI!”

      The panel I’m vaguely curious about — but it’s opposite “Meet the Pros” so I couldn’t possibly attend — is entitled “Young Vulcans in Love.” I’m not sure if that’s a reference to the Spock/Uhura thing in the movie, or if it means something else entirely.

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