On October’s Web Stats

Before we start looking forward to November, let’s take a look back at October and what people wanted to know from allyngibson.net. 🙂

First up, I had 10,925 distinct visitors for the month. Which works out to roughly 360 a day, give or take.

Wednesday is the least visited day of the week, versus Saturday which is the most visited.

Our top 10 search phrases, counting down…

10. “Doctor Who fob watch metal.” I have the platic fob watch from Underground Toys, though I did have to take it apart to disable the lights and sound; the lights are cool, but the sound is really and truly not. I would love to have this as a metal watch, because it’s super-cool looking, but it’s also an expense that I don’t need.

9. “Abducted by the Daleks.” Ah, the evergreen search. It’s the Dalek porn. Here’s my review. This is why bootleg DVD dealers at conventions exist, y’know?

8. “Stephen Fry Doctor Who.” Another evergreen search. Stephen Fry was the Minister of Chance in Death Comes to Time. He was approached to write a script for the second season of the revived series.

7. “Green Street Hooligans Book.” I liked the film. Haven’t read any books on hooliganism, though.

6. “WordPress blogs.” Yes, this website runs on WordPress. I mostly like WordPress. I think it’s gotten a little too complicated under the hood. I’d like to see a stripped down version of the software.

5. “Heliocentric Model of the Solar System.” Ah, students. Try this — Galileo and the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System.

4. “Allyn Gibson.” These words, they seem strangely familiar…

3. “John Lennon Personality.” This is the college paper you are looking for.

2. “Doctor Who LEGO.” We wants it, Precious! We needs it, Precious! Ahem. LEGO needs to produce Doctor Who LEGO. It’s just that simple.

And, the most-used search phrase for the month of October is…

1. “Anakin Skywalker’s Father.” Qui-Gon Jinn. ‘Nuff said.

Glancing quickly through the search phrases for the month, there was some interest in my Doctor Who story, “The Spindle of Necessity,” though I wonder how many of those searchers were students trying to puzzle out their Plato. I don’t know anything about GameStop lawsuits, I have heard Dylan Hears a Who (which is super-fab), I really do like The Leisure Society, and we should all celebrate the feast day of St. Cedd because that’s what Douglas Adams would want.

And the winner for my favorite search phrase for the month? “i would like to find out about star wars and indiana jones but this silly computer won’t let me” 🙂

The top ten pages for the month…

10.On the George Gershwin/Brian Wilson Collaboration.” Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, is taking some of George Gershwin’s unfinished pieces and creating new songs from them. The album is due out sometime next year, I think. Personally, I think this sounds super-fucking-cool. 🙂

9.On Website Fun.” I upgraded WordPress to the 2.8.x branch and put up a new theme, which I’ve since recolored.

8.On the Born Chicago Cubs fan.” I talk about the Peanuts comic strip that ran on the day I was born. Charlie Brown, his losing baseball team, his pre-game “rituals.” I think all of these combined to form a sign. A sign that I should be… a Chicago Cubs fan! :cubs:

7.On a Biblical Bonfire.” In Canton, North Carolina last night, a Baptist Church held a bonfire and burned books. Like Bibles, because they’re not King James Version. (If you scroll down here, there’s an eyewitness account of what happened. Namely, that it didn’t.)

6.On a Trip to Big Lots.” This one was really popular, and I don’t know why. I went to Big Lots. Saw they had Christmas stuff out. That was it. A random slice-of-life.

5.i am he as you are he as you are me: A John Lennon Personality Profile.” The result of the number 3 search phrase for the month.

4.On the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con.” In mid-October, I went downtown to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Spent some money, met some people, ate a great burrito, walked around and saw the sights.

3.On LEGO Doctor Who.” The number 2 search phrase for the month. 🙂

2.Galileo and the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System.” Ah, the number 5 search phrase for the month.

1.On Anakin Skywalker’s Parentage.” Unsurprising, since the search phrase that leads here was the top search phrase for the month. 🙂

Windows remains the top operating system. Twice as many people accessed allyngibson.net with Windows Vista than they did with the Mac. Three times as many people accessed the site with Windows XP than with Vista. Ten times as many people accessed the site with Vista than with a flavor of Linux.

The top browser was Firefox 3.5.3.

And that was October.

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