The Psi Phi Project: Re(7519): Questions about next movie novelization

A friend of mine and I had a conversation on Star Trek: The Motion Picture about two years back. Knowing I was a reader of the Trek novels, he said: “Roddenberry didn’t write the novelization. Alan Dean Foster did.”

I thought about it, filed that factoid away, and eventually decided that no, Alan Dead Foster did not write the ST:TMP novelization. I’ve read a lot of Foster’s work, and ST:TMP doesn’t feel like his work. Hell, it doesn’t even feel like his Star Trek Logs.

For all I know, though, it could have been ghost-written.

But if Roddenberry did write it, it’s a shame that he ignored it in later years. I liked the partial version of 21st century history he gave. I liked the drained Mediterranean Sea.

It’s different. That’s all there is to it.

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