On Wintry Aches and Pains


…I am in massive pain.

It’s the old foot ailment.

The story, for those coming late, is this.

In college I, being the excitable person that I am, would spring from bed, jumping out of the top bunk and onto the hard tile floor. In time, this proved to be a stupid thing to do, as one day I landed incorrectly and fractured a bone in the ball of my left foot.

However, I was unaware of this, because how could I tell the difference, when the balls of my feet hurt from jumping out of bed and onto the hard tile floor?

The bone healed in time, but when the weather changes — either it becomes damp, or it becomes cold, and we’ve had damp and cold recently, despite yesterday’s spring-like weather — the old wound aches.

Suffice it to say, I’m hobbling. It hurts to stand. It especially hurts to walk. I’m doing this limp/shuffle. I’ve just loaded up on ibuprofen.

At home, I’ll wear my sandals, rather than walk around barefoot as I am wont to do. There’s something about pulling the strap across the toes tight that makes it possible to walk relatively normally. The sandals are not an option for the office, however.

In a few days, probably around Tuesday, the ache will subside.

There is someone, I kid you not, who visited my website on this search phrase: “allyn gibson in sex and the city?”

Presently from Google, this takes a person here, where there’s a meme from late January about television shows I’ve seen. Sex and the City is among those I have not seen. Never ever, not once.

However, that’s clearly not what this mysterious Google searcher wanted to know.

I am not an actor. I can absolutely, positively guarantee that I have never appeared in an episode of Sex and the City.

And for the person who wanted to know about the Irn Bru Christmas commercial:

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