The Psi Phi Project: Re(7080): The BBS

From Bob:

If George W. Bush was a
Star Trek character, who would he be?

0, from the Q-Continuum trilogy. Wants to take over the world and bring his psychotic friends to the party.

Al Gore?

Q, from the same trilogy. He means well, tries hard, but comes up short.

Ralph Nader?

Quinn, from Voyager‘s “Death Wish.” He wants to shake things up, but doesn’t have the willpower or strength to do it.

Pat Buchanan?

Q2, from “Deja Q” and Q-in-Law. He wants to play with the big boys, but he doesn’t have much enthusiasm for it either.

So, you’re heard it here first, people. American politics is just like the Q-Continuum, a whole lot of nonsense that doesn’t go anywhere but can make things unpleasant along the way.

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