Three Unconnected Happenings

The cat–Woodrow–bled in my office chair while I was at work yesterday. The blood is dry, but it soaked into the nylon webbing, and I’m not sure at all how to clean it. Thank you, Woody.

I keep a notebook on my dresser, in case I have a brainwave in the middle of the night and want to jot down some ideas. (“Performance Appraisal” was plotted out this way.) For reasons unknown, sometime in the past few days I wrote down “demonstrably crazy.” The words are oversized and scrawled, but legible, and canted at a forty degree angle from the lines. I have no idea what I meant. “Demonstrably crazy”?

My coffee tastes a little blah today.

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2 thoughts on “Three Unconnected Happenings

  1. 1) Hydrogen Peroxide…available at your local drug store…it should get the blood out…it’s what doctor’s use–it cuts through the protein.

    2) Hi, have we met…have you met my plush dog that I carry around and talk to? “Demonstrably crazy”?

    3) Drink it with an Igor Bar…I made a batch.

  2. Todd–

    1) Have a bottle. I’ll try it tomorrow.

    2) I feel confident that “demonstrably crazy” wasn’t a reference to Plush Porthos’ owner. 🙂

    I am fairly certain that I scrawled the words in the notebook on Sunday, after the twelve hours in the car going to Baltimore and back. I have a hunch, though I can’t prove it, that I wrote the words without even turning on the lights–the words were written over-top notes I made during a work conference call, the words are written at an angle, and the words are seriously over-sized. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that I must’ve been asleep, or very near it, when I wrote them down.

    Maybe I meant myself–demonstrably crazy for driving to Baltimore and back on the fly like that.

    3) Igor Bar?

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