Minty, Milky Goodness

So, I was at the grocery store the other day.

I needed a corned beef brisket, since St. Patrick’s Day was at hand. I waited too long and felt lucky to get the penultimate brisket at Weis Market.

I also needed coffee creamer, so a trip to the daily aisle was called for.

And there I saw it.

Rutter’s Chocolate Chip Mint Milk.

The bottle of Rutter's Chocolate Chip Mint Milk, sitting on my desk at home.  It's a milky green.
Green milk! Green!

“That’s awfully green,” I thought. Then: “How bad can it be?” I took it off the shelf, tossed it in my basket, and moved on. Then, when I got home, it went in my refrigerator where I thought of it no more.

As an aside, Rutter’s is a small chain of convenience stores in the south central Pennsylvania area. They’re a solid number three — or maybe number four, behind Turkey Hill or Royal Farms — when one is picking sides in Pennsylvania’s WaWa/Sheetz feud. Which is a strange feud, because WaWa kinda ends around Lancaster, and that’s where Sheetz kinda begins. Anyway…

This morning, as I worked on the text for the E-P section in the May catalog, I remembered the Chocolate Chip Mint Milk. I couldn’t let that go to waste! To the kitchen!

I grabbed the bottle, I grabbed a pint glass (the Green Dragon in Hobbitson seemed apropos), and I returned to my desk.

It's very green.
“It’s green,” as Scotty would say.

In the pint glass, it looked like a Mickey D’s Shamrock Shake. It smelled like Shamrock Shake. It tasted like a Shamrock Shake, only not as cold or as thick. If you bought a Shamrock Shake and let it melt, this is pretty much what you’d get. It’s a Shamrock Shake, minus the shake.

I called it “Shamrock Shake Starter” on social media; put this in a blender with some vanilla ice cream, and you have a Shamrock Shake without having to go to McDonald’s. (Though you might have to add some green food coloring and/or Creme de Menthe to make it stronger after you diluted the taste and the greenness with the vanilla ice cream.)

Went down smooth. Tasted good.

Five stars. Would recommend.

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