Scenes of Spring

Spring is in full-bloom in Pennsylvania, and I’ve not been able to breathe through my nose in weeks. I have been, as I joking said to my sister, pollinated.

Some recent scenes.

I attended the Lancaster Barnstormers Fan Fest on Saturday. The Barnstormers put on an exhibition game against the Black Sox, a travelling team. It was a split squad game for the Black Sox; they were also playing at York’s Fan Fest at the same time.

Yes, I could have gone to a baseball game in York (8 miles), but I went to one in Lancaster (25 miles) instead.

This old guy turned up again in my selfies, this time at the Lancaster Barnstormers Fan Fest
At the Lancaster Barnstormers Fan Fest

None of my photos really turned out. It was a hazy but bright day, so everything looks vaguely washed out. Doesn’t matter which camera app I used.

On Sunday I visited Samuel S. Lewis State Park, which overlooks the Susquehanna near Wrightsville.

The Susquehanna River, looking south from the state park
Looking south
Looking east toward Lancaster
Looking east toward Lancaster
Looking north toward Wrightsville and Columbia
Looking north toward Wrightsville and Columbia

I walked to the grocery store on my lunch break yesterday. The only thing I needed was coffee creamer, and it was a nice day, so I decided I’d walk it. (It’s about a three mile round trip.) I was glad I did; the intersection at the bottom of the hill was fouled with road work; I probably spent less time on foot than I would have in the car had I driven it!

Looking back at the water tower I live near
Looking back to the water tower
A town park ballfield, nestled among the trees
The ballpark

After work, I went to Harrisburg for a baseball game. The Senators were playing the Somerset Patriots. The Patriots took an early lead and never relinquished it, winning 5-2.

It was not particularly warm. Actually, it felt downright cold. And I was wearing multiple layers!

The Harrisburg skyline between the Walnut Street and Market Street bridges
The Harrisburg skyline

Senators now 0-3 in games I’ve attended.

I took a walk through Dallastown. Lovely day. Glad I got it in before the rain began.

Home Cemetery, Dallastown's Methodist cemetery
Home Cemetery
Spring brings flowers, green trees, and road work
Road work
Yoe and the fire tower

This is what Star Trek: Picard needed. The bickering bridge officers, who wore these wild one-piece uniforms with cape accessories. What had happened to them? Where were they in 2401?

For those who don’t recognize this, this is from DC Comics’ Star Trek: The Next Generation #1, written by Mike Carlin, illustrated by Pablo Marcos. And that mini-series introduced us to this delightful pair of characters, who definitely had their own style.

And while I firmly believe that William Riker would have worn the unisex skant uniform, seen in the first season, notably worn by Troi in “Encounter at Farpoint,” I think even he would have drawn the line at the Bickleys’ onesie. 🙂

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