On Friday

Oh, am I tired.

I worked a half-day today, leaving at 2:30, because I felt like I’d hit a physical wall. In a sense I had–I volunteered to scan at an inventory last night at a story in Durham, very much last minute, and while the stock was very well prepared the scanning itself took a long time because several managers had backed out of the scanning. Instead of six hours of sleep, my usual quota, I had but two–I didn’t arrive home this morning until nearly four, and the alarm went off, as always, at 6:30. If you counted the hours I worked at the inventory, today really wasn’t a half-day at all. In the karmic balance, it all evens out.

So, home and a nap. After this, I may go right back to bed. Or at least, crawl into bed, wrap up in the blankets, and put something in the DVD player, something I haven’t watched in a while.

And the website vanished yesterday, for approximately sixteen hours. It’s back, though comments left yesterday are now irretrievably gone. Yesterday’s post I can restore by hacking it into the database–it still exists, I’m certain, on the LiveJournal feed.

We received more LEGO Star Wars today for PlayStation 2. And a few copies for the GameBoy. We’d sold out on Wednesday–I think there was a palpable excitement for the game in the store. We’re geeky that way. 😉

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  1. Yesterday’s post I can restore by hacking it into the database–it still exists, I’m certain, on the LiveJournal feed.

    It does. (And if I haven’t before, my apologies for not thinking when I used that name for the feed–I should’ve appended “_feed” or somesuch to the end. Sorry. :-/)

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