On Writing a Weekend To-Do List

The weekend is at hand.

This morning, on the train, rather than muse on the gloominess of the world, I wrote out a “To Do” list for the weekend. I write out “To Do” lists for the office most mornings; my cubicle neighbor can’t see the point, but I like thinking through what I’m doing, figuring out the priorities. Sometimes I get through the list, sometimes I don’t, but either way I feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off.

A list for the weekend? Well…

  1. Write Star Trek article
  2. Watch John Cusack’s War, Inc.
  3. Have head shorn
  4. Watch Doctor Who
  5. Write Muppets article for work
  6. Go to Barnes & Noble
  8. Suffer intestinal cramp
  9. Write blog post on Grand Union Flag

Okay, I’m just kidding with one of those. There is no “Redacted.” However, number 8 is on the list; I’ve had a painful intestinal cramp since yesterday. :-/

Number one. I keep thinking I’m done with Star Trek, and then I’m not, as something like my just-published article on Star Trek Generations will attest. I have an article to write, though I’m not as yet at liberty to say quite about what, but it should be fun. Once I figure out what I’m going to say, of course. 😉

Number two. I’ve been wanting to see War, Inc. for a long time; it’s been described as the spiritual sequel to Grosse Point Blank, which I absolutely adore. (And you can argue that GPB is a spiritual sequel to Say Anything… Well, if you squint just so, they do fit together pretty well.) War, Inc. was inexpensive at Target a few days ago, and so into my shiny plastic disc collection it went.

(If I don’t watch War, Inc., though, as it’s not a priority, I may watch more Jeeves & Wooster. Which reminds me: must remember to read “What Ho, You Dalek Chaps!” A Doctor Who fanfic starring Jeeves and Wooster.)

Number three. I’ve become quite shaggy. I mean, yes, I like playing with my curls, but I’m also shaggy.

Number four. “Amy’s Choice.” Time Lord versus Dream Lord.

Number five. It’s about Muppets. That’s all I’m willing to say at this moment on the subject. This is going to require some additional drafting/thinking to get just right.

Number six. Because I love bookstores. Even when/if I don’t buy anything.

Number seven. There is no redacted. Really, there’s not.

Number eight. As I said above, I’ve just been crampy in the intestine since yesterday. Made getting comfy in bed last night a bit problematic.

Number nine. The Grand Union Flag? Well, I’ve received some interesting mail this week… During Hell Week, we take our fun where we can get it. For me, it’s historical musings. Nothing to do with this interesting Michael Kinsley article from The Atlantic on the Tea Party Movement, however.

That’s not the entirety of things on my plate for the weekend. Things like laundry, watching the Cubs :cubs:, listening to Scott Simon on Weekend Edition, flying the kite if I can — those go without saying. 🙂

It’s Friday. The week’s nearly done.

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