On the Return of K9

I mentioned here a few weeks ago that Lis Sladen will be appearing as Sarah Jane Smith in the next season of Doctor Who.

The BBC has now revealed that, in addition to Ms. Sladen, K9, the robotic dog from the Tom Baker era, will be appearing as well.

Dog! Dog! Dog! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “On the Return of K9

  1. I’ll post this here for the benefit of my readers who don’t venture into Psi Phi. In a thread on K-9 I wrote:

    I’ll admit my bias. I’m still madly in lust with Lis Sladen. You know that scene in That Thing You Do! where Lenny runs into Diane Dane at the State Fair, and he babbles incoherently about how her picture was his “first boy-girl thing”? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Sure, she’s my mom’s age, but I’m still really stuck on Lis Sladen.

    More information than you ever wanted, I know.

    As for K-9, one of the coolest K-9 scenes comes in Shada. The Doctor has convinced Ship that he’s dead and no longer an enemy of Skagra, and because he’s no longer an enemy of Skagra he can’t do anything that would hurt Skagra. Ship accepts this logic, and the Doctor orders Ship to release Chris Parsons and K-9 from the brig, which Ship promptly does. But then all the oxygen drains from the Doctor’s control room, because since the Doctor is dead he doesn’t need oxygen, and Ship needs to conserve resources. K-9 senses the Doctor’s in danger, he and Chris rush to the control room, and find the door shut.

    K-9 wants to blast the door. He tells Chris to back away.

    Chris tells K-9 that there’s a button to press. Chris presses the button, and the door opens.

    And K-9 sounds so disappointed that he didn’t get to blast something.

    Just classic. 🙂

    One of my all time favorite K-9 scenes. The other would probably be the outtake where Tom Baker says, “You’re never fucking right when it’s important,” which could be a motto for anyone’s life. 😉

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