On Songs by Queen That I Like

Was it yesterday that would have been Freddie Mercury’s sixty-fifth birthday? Or the day before? I thought I saw something about it on NPR’s website in the last two or three days. Sometime over the weekend, surely.

You can tell how much I care. I actually had to Google to see how to spell “Freddie” properly; I thought it had a Y in it.

The truth is, I don’t like Queen, so Freddie Mercury’s birthday isn’t any sort of deal for me.

I can’t tell you why I don’t like Queen’s music. It comes on the radio, like “Bohemian Rhapsody” (which I utterly despise), and I change the channel. It’s automatic. It’s entirely possible, because my experience of Queen is largely restricted to FM radio, that I’m missing something important, like a deep album cut that explains why Queen is an important band. It’s a possibility.

Still, given what I’ve heard, Queen’s music just doesn’t click with me. I don’t know why.

With one exception.

“Under Pressure,” by Queen and David Bowie.

I like that song.

But I like it because of Bowie. And Grosse Point Blank. Not because of Queen.


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2 thoughts on “On Songs by Queen That I Like

  1. I am also unconvinced by Queen, with only a single-song exception. But for me, that single song is Bohemian Rhapsody, which I judge one of the ten or twenty greatest tracks ever recorded. Funny how things work out.

  2. Radio Gaga was such a sure-fire hit during the 1980’s. I love all their music. I grew up listening to it on tapes and cd’s back when I was 7. Mom use to play a lot of it every day.

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