On the Cybermen

Today the BBC released pictures of the Cybermen as they will appear in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Looks pretty spiffy, doesn’t it? 🙂

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7 thoughts on “On the Cybermen

  1. I’m really not sure about the head.

    The rest of the design is absolutely perfect — I particularly like the fact that you can see beneath the armor at the joints — and, as with the Daleks, they’ve managed to update the look without betraying the original too much.

    But, with the chunkiness of the armor on the chest and arms and legs, that tiny head-piece looks out of place. I just want it to be a bit more . . . beefy.

  2. I dunno, Daniel. We’re used to seeing big Cybermen heads, because that’s the way they’ve been since the color era. I don’t mind the thinner head, and as others have pointed out on Outpost Gallifrey the head design is reminiscent of the Real Time design.

    What I like the most is that this Cyberman doesn’t look like a guy in a silver suit. 😎

  3. The new Cyberman is great – the lighter head is more frightening in my mind as it suggests a more agile enemy. The fan boy in me would love to see a short sequence in which the Cyberman destroy some Borg!

  4. Hi there. I was one of the Cybermen in the new DR WHO series. They’re cool to look at but a bit of a git to get into. First we had to put on an under suit leotard (to hide joint gaps). The legs then went on, this was a bit of a tight fit. Arms next. All the suites were identical so the larger built guys (me) had to pull and tug to get the arms on. The chest was in two parts front and back, breathe in and clicks into place. The head did the same. The suit wayed about 4 stone and on outside shoots in January they became very cold (fiberglass and latex not good insulators). Some of the helmets had chin switches for the blue mouth lights so we couldn’t breathe through it. We had to Ooo our lips and get air through the eye hole (looks weird at night, steam coming out of eyes. The most uncomfortable time was when we’re doing nothing, we all had are various posses to keep limber: Touching toes, wide stance hands on hips etc. The guys from millenium FX were great they kept us warm via oversized dressing gowns and lots of tea. I done 20 odd days shooting and loved every minuet of it. There is a scene in the Cyber factory where Billy get grabed from behind(oo-err)that was me. Keep an eye out for it. Cheers

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